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I was (finally) going through a bunch of my files today, organizing and what not. and came across this Bob and Tom Interview It's a yousendit file 14MB.  Elijah comes in a little after 19 min through, and is just under 7min long.

I'm working on a full transcript as well (just incase the file dosn't work  or somthing...)  this is about the first two, two and a half min. here.  errr... I'm not entirely sure which one is Bob, and which one is Tom so I just guessed. Enjoy! :D 

ETA: the last link ran out so I've uploaded it again here!
Bob *I think*: …Also a rare opportunity for us to speak with Actor Elijah Wood right now… I believe that’s Elijah on the phone right now
Tom *Maybe?*: Elijah, good morning
Elijah: Good morning!
Bob?: how are you?
Elijah: *giggling* I’m very well, How are you guys?
Tom?: I’m very excited…because we’re talking with the star of Flipper.
Elijah: *laughs*
Tom: *sings* Flipper! Flipper! Faster than…
Bob: Ok, Elijah, I’m excited because I was just reading this bio thing of you and you’re going to be playing Iggy Pop!
 (others in the back ground) Iggy!
(some laughing)
Elijah: Oh Yeah! I hope that works out. Hopefully some time next year. But…God… the …the… umm…the whole possibility of that is so daunting… but I’m a huge fan so…
Bob: We’ve actually had Iggy on the show
Elijah: Have you? Oh! Fantastic.
Tom: Yeah!
Bob: Umm…Can I tell you really quick, an Iggy Pop Story?
Elijah: of course! Go for it.
Bob: We were … We were doing a big charity event. It was one of the farm aid events… and uh… we were live on the air and we were backstage and I said “Now Iggy you understand that this is live, and you have to be really really careful of what you say
Tom: uh huh..
Bob:…”because we’re not on delay.” *laughs* And I gave him the whole lecture (to Tom) Do you remember this?
Tom: oh yeah, uh huh. He came right out…
Bob: The very first word out of his mouth was the BIG one.
Elijah: and you… you know what? In telling Iggy Pop not to do something…
Bob: oh yeah..
Tom: Uh huh..
Elijah: It’s prob.. it’s like reverse psychology. I think it gets him to do something *laughs*
Bob: I think you’re right. I should have known better. Elijah, thank you very much. Uh… that will be really cool. Uh and I know that a lot of your fans, of course associate you primarily with The Lord Of The Rings stuff, but your resume is… is just…it’s just…knee deep in other meaty roles.
Tom Yeah, you’ve done a lot of stuff!
Elijah: yeah… I’ve been pretty busy, post Lord of the Rings I…
Tom: is it true that your getting ready to open you own record label?
Elijah: Workin’ on it, yeah. There’s this… I’ve had this idea for a long time. And it’s kinda coming together… it’s going to be called Simian Records and hopefully it will be up and running before the end of the year.
Tom: hum..
Bob: Cool, now are you a recording artist yourself?  
Elijah: I’m not… no. Just a huge music fan, and the idea of having a label and being able to find bands that I believe in and release, you know, music to people was something that seemed really gratifying.
Bob: Cool…well if you get to play Iggy, you’ll be around a lot of music. Now I understand that you are in a new film that is called Green Street Hooligans, and.. can you give us a little background on that?
Elijah: Yeah! It’s a film about an American that travels over to London to visit with his sister after being kicked out of college, unfairly, and he sort of finds himself in this very, kind of vulnerable place in his life and as a result of that falls very easily in to a group of football hooligans, which is basically, In England, kind of like a gang associated with a specific team.
Bob: uh huh.
Elijah: ummm.. and they lead a very very sort of violent lifestyle outside of their normal daily life in regards to these games.
Bob: yeah…
Tom: and is it *English accent* Manchester?
Elijah: uh it isn’t. It’s actually set in East London and the team that the… the… the film sort of focuses on is this team called West Ham, so it’s all sort of about East London Hooligans.   
Bob: These guys are real bad.
Tom: Yeah they get… Oh! I know! Man!
Bob: it’s really ugly…
Tom: They take it seriously.
Elijah: Yeah.. it’s funny, I find those kind of people and their propensity to violence much scarier, in some ways, than some of the violence that we have in the united states with guns… I mean… there is something so much more brutal about… you know… *sick?*, and the madness surrounded by this type of violence, in a way. You know?

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